Hi all ,

I need some help with my laptop in booting. Someone told me that choosing the No gui boot option makes the computer boot faster? However there are also many other options like, boot log, safe video, safe boot (with minimal, alternate shell etc.. options) vista.

What do they mean and what is the difference between them? is it recommended to use one over the other? which one should i use cause i dont really understand the difference between them at all...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you ...

If you don't understand the difference you probably don't want to use them at all.

The no GUI boot simply gets rid of the graphical moving bar during start-up. It saves a few seconds but without it you can't know if your system is frozen during start-up.

Base video loads it in VGA mode, (640x480 16-bit)

OS boot information shows a list of what's loading as it happens (during start-up).

if you want your laptop/computer to startup super fast
press windows key + R and type msconfig in the tabs click boot
put timeout at 3 seconds, click NO gui boot, goto advanced and click
mamium number of processes and then click maxium usage of ram and click apply
and the restart your laptop/pc.

DO NOT set the NOGUI boot option. If you do this then schedule a disk check at start up you can EASILY be fooled into thinking your computer has frozen, without the GUI to tell you what's going on.

This is from experience.


I Set NOGUI boot option and windows doesn't start.
Now what can i do

Run msconfig.exe and deselect the No GUI Boot option in the Boot tab.

what if u have a blue screen

u have a blue screen

Here is my question:
I am on Windows 7 and I am unable to stop annoying popups asking me to update my application ( Malwarebytes) to a new version ( for a fee!). Every 10 minutes! I have tried all possible ways. To no avail!

I even ran a test and disconnected the Internet. They still pop up! There must be something in the Register or in the Applicatiion Data which kicks in the prompt.

Malwarebytes suggest that I can stop the prompts by changing the settings through GUI boot (?). They are not clear how, though, and I haven't the faintest idea what GUI boot is and does .

Anyway, following hints from somewhere else, I have enabled GUI booting with the bcdedit command in the elevated command prompt. Apparently it went through, because the command prompt confirms the operation was successful.

Now there are two new items in the Start Menu-Programs/Accessories : Power Shell and PS ISE. The first displays a Command prompt starting with : PS C:\users\My name and the 2nd an interface screen with a file called " untitled1.PS1" and a lower pane to type something ing in. I don't know what!

I don'teven know if these are the GUI interface screens, but neither shows a SETTINGS option to go to the application and modify it.

Can you explain how to go about this?



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