I have an old W511 laptop that for some reason the screen becomes completely pixelated once the computer gets past the initial GIGABYTE load screen. This is my old laptop and I was trying to import some music to my new ACER, which is when the pixelations occurred. I know that this computer had a problem with the battery before, but when i detached the battery and ran it just plugged to the wall it ran fine until now.


the first thing to do here is check the drivers so reboot your computer and press F8 repeatedly while it is booting until you are preented with several options. Whne you are select enable vga mode.

This will run the computer with standard vga drivers.

If this works it shows it is a driver problem.

The nest thing i would do is get Dmailer backup from www.dmailer-backup-software.com and backup all you files its free with free online storage so you can upload you files while you try fix the problem.

Then get the latest drivers if you can or the driver cd and reinstall the drivers.

if you still have problems after this it may be you graphics card and because it is a laptop i would buy a new one because changing parts is exspensive in the long run.