Last year I swapped my motherboard and processor and all has been ok until today when I connected my Samsung Dv camera (model VP-D371W) up to the firewire port and it says it can't recognise it. I have been on the microsoft windows update site and downloaded any updates available but still the same problem happens. My operating system is XP SP2 and my old hard drive had windows movie maker on it (This is still installed on the second hard drive)my old system on my old hard drive was xp media center, but this is no longer in use, as when I changed the Motherboard, the hard drive needs the OEM code to work it and as it was pre installed I cannot obtain that code.I also have Corel ulead videostudio 11 installed, but neither windows movie maker or Ulead videostudio can detect it. It worked fine before I swapped m/board etc. Can anyone throw any light on how to fix this as I am at a loss with it now.

Please check device manager of new system, you might need to install the driver of firewire port of new motherboard.

One more thing you can try. Just install SP3. The driver might included and your system will become more secure and stable.

I looked in Device Manager and it doesn't have a driver installed for the Firmware hub. I have searched the net for a driver for it but to no avail. I even paid for a program called Driver mender and that was saying there isnt a driver for it. I have just been back into my Device Manager to get the details of it again, but I cant see it now. It was under Universal Serial Bus Controllers before. There is another hardware issue under unknown devices that isnt working, but not sure what it is.

Contact your mother board vendor, they can help as well.

However, the utility from caperjack is nice.

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