So a while ago I checked my computer to get its Windows experience index base score. It was 2.5 because of the graphics being the lowest at 2.5 I checked it again just now and this time everything stayed the same except for the graphics which went DOWN to 2.4 Why would it go down? Somebody explain this to me and tell me what I can do to get it back up again.

If you re-evaluated your scores, vista runs the tests again. You might have had something running or taking up graphics power this time, or, it might be new drivers too. I updated my drivers one time, and dropped from a 4.5 to a 3.4. I saw no actual performance drop, in fact, it ran smoother after the driver update.

The numbers are just numbers. a good estimate that vista gives to the capabilities of your comp.

Hmmm...well any updates I made were only those that were available on my computer. I never changed any drivers or anything. The only thing I had open at the time was minesweeper. So the numbers don't really mean that much?

Well, the numbers are part of a scale that helps you understand what your computer is capable of. A computer that has a 2.0 is more suited for general office duties, while a 6.0 is usually one built for extreme gaming. at least according to todays standards. it's an 'open scale.' so eventually we'll see computers built that will score in the 10's and above, probably much higher before vista becomes obsolete.

How does one get this score please ?

So is there any way I can bring the score up without purchasing anything?

I just asked it to find my score again and now it's back up to 2.5 again.

So is there any way I can bring the score up without purchasing anything?

Well, the score is based entirely around hardware. You 'can' overclock, but I do not recommend it. If you do choose overclocking, get some very good cooling.

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What's overclocking? Why don't you recommend it?

Oh, okay. Thanks. I don't think I'll be overclocking. I don't know enough about computers to risk something like that. But thanks for the help.