Is there an option in Outlook 2003 or a free add-on I can add to enable the popup(toasts) when an email enter in a subfolder of inbox (because a rule I created)

Thanks for your help!

Forgot to mention it's Outlook 2003 SP3 and I'm using Windows XP Profesionnal(5.1). Outlook is connected to an Exchange server.

Figured it out!

1. Click on Tools > Rules and Alerts
2. Click on the "New Rules..." button under "E-Mail Rules" tab
3. Check "Start from a blank rule", select "Check messages when they arrive" and hit next
4. Check the last check box of the list : "on this machine only" and press next
5. Check the last check box of the list : "display a desktop alert"
6. Click Finished
7. Have a good time watching your sorted emails.

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