Does anyone know of a software to make slide shows simpler than Powerpoint and Memories on TV? With the first one I can't insert music because it's too complicated and it only accepts MP3s and Wave files (too big).
The latter has also become too complex. I'm following all the instructions and technical support from the suppliers but I still can't get to see my slide show on the TV screen. My DVD player rejects it.


Your DVD player for TV won't play any computer files. You have to convert it to video to do it on your TV.

i say that to and try to convert as soon as you want to that.. Or try to watch it in your computer if you don't want that....

Could be a popup blocker.
Hold the control key when clicking the link.
If not, be sure to look for the yellow bar near the top of the screen to give permission for the download.

I think photo story platinum is simple,i used to make slideshows with it,there are simply 3 steps needed

by the way there is a tutorial about making tutorial,maybe it will inspire you

Use Nero > Photo and Edit > Make your own slide show.

It only accepts up to 99 pictures. It has transitional effects etc, time delay sequencing etc..

Otherwise, you can just copy all your pictures to a dvd. Most DVD plavers have a jpg built in slide show. Just make sure all the pictures are Jpg format.

I've found converting to be a pain in the butt mostly, but if its necessary they do have a lot of application. Nero is one I can think of and you can search coverters on google. But they all take time to complete the conversion process.