I have windows xp and am having problems loading software of any kind. I can hear the whirring noise and the light blinks, but nothing loads. Can someone please help?


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As in nothing happens when you insert a CD or DVD?

Have you tried running the software manually from CDs/DVDs?

I am having the problem when I insert the cd

Check this out.

when i get to the part, "look at "nodrivetypeautorun", there nothing showing on the right.

There's zip file there attached that will add the needed registry entry.

ok, i did it and restarted my system - still nothing

There are several way to block autorun feature that I could pull from the top of my head:

- AV software - usually can be set to allow autorun CDs
- Group policy settings - bit hard to find.. can't remember which one exactly
- system (explorer) settings - that's one that you actually applied with that reg file

I'm afraid those aren't too easy to locate.

let me tell you how this all started. I sent my tower to the shop due to a virus and when it came back to me, i wasn't able to auto load anymore, and i also lost my some of my office; which i'm not able to load anyway because i no long have the cds.

Try this:

- in "run" (start menu) type "GPEDIT.MSC"
- locate Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System
- locate "Turns off the Autoplay" and set it either to "disabled" or "not configured" (which is default)
- locate Local Computer Policy\User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System and repeat the above step

when i type in gpedit.msc, i don't see the other options mentioned above.

You need to expand the branches to get to them.

expand branches?

yes.. like folders in explorer

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