I've been using Dvorak on my Linux machine for a long time, and I've finally convinced my sister to do the switch as well.

Using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MSKLC) I easily managed to install Dvorak layout, but shortcuts like Ctrl+C doesn't move, it's the same spot, so after moving the keys around I actually press Ctrl+J.

It's kinda hard when it comes to irregular shortcuts in other programs. Because the program will tell me to use Ctrl+B, but then I'd have to rethink that it actually is Ctrl+X.

How do I make a keyboard layout that works completely, and doesn't just affect the letter appearing when pressing the buttons?

Thank you! :)

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i was going to suggest linux forum because u use linux ,but seen you were
Using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator,what ever that is ,maybe someone will come along who uses
Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator


I usually use Linux yes, where everything works perfectly, but on Windows by using MSKLC to make my keyboard layout, shortcuts remain at the physical location on the keyboard.


I usually use Linux yes, .

that why I was confuse confused ,why did you even mention linux in you post ,and if linux works so perfectly for you then why bother with windows .just my opinion .
i don't use many short cuts except copy paste


Well because working perfectly for me doesn't help my sister :)

ok, thought you meant 2 different computer .lol

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