When I turn my hp pavilion a805n on, it makes a strange, load noise; as if it was on way to long and is overheated. When it turns on, it bumbs me to the screen saying "Safe Mode", "Start Windows Normally", etc. Whitchever one I choose, the computer shuts down. When I pick last known config and normally, it goes to the load up screen with the windows sign and the loading bar. After, the computer shuts down. When doing safe mode, it loads up some comfusing letters and the last one it gets to is AVG, then it turns off. I have looked on a few sites, none of which have the information I need. If you have any ideas, I would gladly accept them.


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load noise; as if it was on way to long and is overheated.

A siren?

Please unmount and Remount the heatsink.


It happen with me also. When I turn on the computer, it turns on for 3 seconds then it shuts down automatically. I don't have a chance to see anything on the screen. This morning the computer turned on just fine, and it shut down just fine. I never had a hardware problem. The computer is brand new, I built it this year in May. pl give me solution

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