Hii, I switched off the power supply by mistake while my computer was working. After switching it on again, I've not been able to boot it up again neither in normal nor in safe mode. I tried installing WinXP again but to no use, gives these errors-
STOP: 0x0000008e (0xc0000006, 0x8090eea7, 0xf71ff91c, 0x00000000)
I checked my RAM using memtest, it showed errors so I got my RAM replaced.
Before getting the RAM replaced I could not boot even UBUNTU but now I can using a LIVE CD, but the same BSOD continues if try installing WINDOWS. Please help, I've too much of data stored on my computer. :(

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No, I have never updayed BIOS, should I do so. I've also mentioned error codes in my earlier post, can they be of any help. Thanx for replying.


how can I check my hard disk, i cannot even log in. any utility that you can suggest for the same?


Try using the Recovery Console on your installation cd. To enter it, start setup as usual but then choose the R option. If your hdd is faulty then it will not proceed far because the Recovery Console requires windows on the drive to be recognizable.
It may of course be the motherboard at fault, ie. the drive interface [which is the Southbridge if an Intel-based machine]. And unfixable save by the manufacturer. Simplest check of that is to plug in a different hdd and see if Setup can proceed.
So...If your machine is actually still bootable then do this [this procedure will burn a diagnostic program onto a cd which in turn may be used to boot your machine and check the hd] :
You'll need access to a computer with Internet connectivity and a CD burner, plus a blank CD-R or CD-RW.
Then go to this link: http://support.thetechguys.com/Uploads/%7Bb4d5f239-78d9-4bd8-8e7a-2de1983b4d7d%7D/DiagCD23.exe
Either Run the file download or Save diagcd23.exe to your computer and dclick it to run. The procedure is quite automatic: you will be asked to insert a blank CD for burning the file.
Once the disk is created, put it in your broken machine, then restart it. It should boot from the CD and then give you the opportunity to run a Long HDD (hard disk) test. The utility supports a wide range of disk manufacturers.
Say how you get on.

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If the files are the biggest concern then take out hard drive and either get an external case or simply put into another PC to get information off.

Then you can try to figure out problem. Unfortunately Memory, Motherboard, and hard drive problems may all simulate the same errors and actually lead you off track as you try to diagnose. So isolating and eliminating each component is the key. Software utilities are available such as 'burn in test' to test the components, but may not tell you what is problem. You also may not have the resources to test components in other machines.

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