I just recently got a computer from my grandparents, and its a windows xp, 2005 and the motherboard was fried, but I salvaged everything that I could, including the hardrive. So I tried to add it to my new computer witch is also an xp, and I plugged it in, restarted it, and it came up with boot disk error. After that I restarted it again, and right away in the begining I pressed f-2 and it went to setup. I tried to adjust the secondary drive, but I think that the more I tinkered with it, the deeper I dug myself into a hole. So I just gave up, saved my settings, unplugged the secont drive, and restarted it. I dont think I should of saved the settings because now it just comes up with boot disk error at startup, can anyone help me? or am I screwed?:yawn:

i know, but i have to say it anyway ,why did you save the settings ! when in drought always chose cancel or exit with out saving changes , you should be able to hit f2 again and go in and chose default settings and save the changes .

anyway ,what are you trying to accomplish ,are you just trying to add the drive to you computer so you can use it as a storage drive , if so make sure the jumpers on the drive are set to slave ,and make sure the original drive is set to master with slave ,that is if you have both drives on the same IDE ribbon cable

i plugged the new hardrive onto the existing jumper cable, because there were two ports for 2 hardrives, but yes i am using it as a second storage drive, but it just wont boot up. and i tried to restore defaults, but when i save the changes nothing happens.

I just read that page, and it helped some, but my question is, my hardrives both have 2 jumpers on them. It was positioned as a backwords L shape in the right side of the pins. So do I just take one of the jumpers out and reconfigure it like it shows in the picture?

i don't know off hand but there is usually a diagram on the hdd lable telling you how to set the jumpers ,if the drives are on the same ribbon cable ,then the one with windows on it will have to be set to master /with slave ,and the other as slave ,or you could try cable select on both