I would like to point out that I am not stupid and do understand the principal of SIP and that it is not using up my system resources but on my new server their is a fan that activates when CPU usage runs above 80%. Every 10 mins or so the fan will come on with no processes running (Just about 92% SIP) now this wouldn't be a problem normal but the server is in the corner of my room and it's keeping me up at night. Is their any way to get SIP to not go above 80% (I don't mind if 'useful' processes go above this but just not SIP at random times for no reason.
Sam Rudge

Thats not why the fan is coming on.

If the SIP says 90% then that means the total CPU usage is only 10%. in reality.

I have a CPU monitor on the servers LCD pannel which says usage is at 92-95 percent and all that is using CPU in task manager is SIP. I can also change where the fan comes on between 10% CPU and 80% CPU, Nothing else triggers it.

Then thats a problem with your system monitor.

all modern iperating systems use the System Idle Process or something similar. All it does is issue halt instructions when the sytsem has nothing else to do. Without it power management wouldnt work correctly and there would be no counter for free resources.

The SIP doesnt waste any resources because it runs with the lowest priority so it is always displaced in preference of user processes