hello everyone. I'm new here, so please tell me if I've posted in the wrong place. Here's my problem:

I have downloaded the latest version of msn messenger 7. I sign in to msn messenger successfully and then after about one second, messenger exits. When I move my mouse over the messenger icon in the tray, it disappears. Can anyone help me?

PS. I have switched over to Trillan and it works great, and that may be the alternative if you're having the same problem. I, however, need to specifically sign in to msn mesenger because of this: I, like many others, am having problems accessing hotmail. I need the Msn Today feature to know who has sent me emails so that I can contact them and notify them of the problem. I have important emails in there, and that's why I need to be able to use msn messenger 7. If you're having trouble signing in ot hotmail, this may be the alternative too. use the msn today feature to figureout who has sent you emails and use another account to send them emails and tell them that you hotmail account isn't working.

Its majorly a windows software problem so I'm moving it in the windows software forum so that you can get a more appropriate advice.

Ok iv just signed up to help people with this problem because iv looked everyone and it has taken me a loooong time to fix this anoying error when trying to login to msn messenger or go onto a msn or hotmail page. To be honist i dont have any major idea to what has changed peoples settings including mine to not be able to login like this but i have managed to fix it. What iv found that seems to help on internet explorer 6.0 is if you go onto the option settings and under security you click on each icon "internet, local internet, trusted sites etc" and click on customize, once here click reset to the default settings and do it for each of the icons then jump to advance and click on default there. Once all is done click apply and close down all of you internet explorer windows and msn messenger completely you should then be able to access the websites.

I think the problem itself can be caused by recent applications being installed and trying to change the security settings within internet explorer and it makes the actually settings block out the hotmail etc.

Just thought ad try helping out since i looked all over and didnt find any help :).
good luck ^^

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