I've spent many, many hours trying to find the solution to this problem, I'm a fairly advanced in Windows XP, but this one has me stumped hard. The wireless network connection says windows cannot configure this wireless connection fiddled with the Wireless Zero service; and turned the wireless switch on the laptop off and on. Any ideas?

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Hi wvriverjumper,

When did this problem start happening? Did you change any system configurations or download anything?


kids could have downloaded anything, did have wireless adaptor for a short time, but thought i uninstalled it


Please make sure the built in driver is installed properly.

you said that you had a wireless adapter but you uninstalled it.

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steps to check driver and said it was working properly
did un install lynksys does not show up in programs anymore


If windows says it cant configute wireless it usuallymeans that the computer you have uses its own proprietrial driver (lots of the mini comps use either own eg the asus etc) If there is (or was) installed a non windows / microsoft driver then you can only configure the wireless stuff through that driver and not the windows one!

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