Hullo everybody, I hope that I am in the right place.

Lately I have developed a problem on my PC. I run Win XP with SP2. It is a genuine Intel 3.2.

The problem is that I log in and am doing stuff n Internet and a box pops up and tells me that "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services encountered a problem and needed to close" and the programme that is causing the trouble is svchost.exe

I ignore this and then another little box appears giving offsets and just numbers. Eventually the modem freezes and I have to dial in again.

When it first appeared, my uncle who is a techie, reformatted the PC and re-installed Windows and SP2. This did not help. Then I swapped out the modem for another one, I even stole the graphics card from my bros pc just to eliminate things, but the problem is still there. I even switched the anti-virus programme.

Does anyone have a solution? If so my email is <snipped> and I would be so grateful if this could be fixed cos it's driving me crazy.

Thanks in advance

please help me i am frequently getting generic host error problem

try installing service pack3. it worked for me

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