hi..friends i m using HP pavilion notebook..RAM is 2gb,AMD processor. i m getting Blue screen when i shutdown my laptop properly , i m manualy shuting it down nowadays.. is there any solution with our taking a recovery..if i suppose to recovery i m afraid i
m i would loose all my datas.. i other drives..
so plz help me..

I don't know the difference between shutting down "properly" and shutting down "manually". More detail in your case would help diagnosis.

Often, but not always, if the laptop is working properly in all other respects, the blue screen occurs (you need to tell us the number and the system file given as the reported error - I know it's not on screen for long but do it several times or go into the Windows error log)... becauase there is something running in an unexpected part of memory and so a clean shut down is prevented.

You can boot with F8 and go back to the last restore point. That won't touch your data. If as you imply, the PC otherwise runs normally, you can get your data off while it's running in case you have to anything more drastic.

Also think about this: what has changed on your system between when it was OK and now? New drivers? Windows update?

In line with Suspishio, it looks to one of two things:

  • A corrupted driver - load up Device Manager to check to see if any drivers showing as faulty of uninstalled
  • Processes not releasing at shut-down

As mentioned, look to anything installed before the problem started. Can use System Restore to step back, and then look at any updates/upgrades in the case of offending apps.