This is my first post...hope I'm in the right place. I am trying to network 2 lousy PCs. One is WINME the other XPPRO. I have internet cnxs on both, but I cannot see the shared printer and folders from either machine. I have file and print sharing enabled and they are in the same workgroup. The router (linksys wrt54g) is connected through a 2wire1000sw (sbc dsl modem) and then to the ME machine. I found out the hard way that the sbc modem is also a b router with wireless enabled. I turned off the routing and it is now a bridge. The xp machine is using a linksys wusb54 ver 4 usb wireless adapter and the connectivity is very low, but thats another story.

Anyway, I cannot get these PCs to talk. I remember somewhere back in my foggy head that ME will never "see" the XP machine but I am not sure of that. Even so, the XP machine should see the ME machine and be able to use the printer connected to that pc.

Can anyone help me with this. My friend is beginning to think I am an idiot!

to do this you need to run the network setup wizard in windows xp and at the very last step it will give you several options the one you want is to created a network disk. you also need a floppy for this.
once created take this to your winme system and install it. baring any existing issues you will now see the shared files and all your other accesories. in terms of other issue and i am going beyond the point of it being windows me period, viruses and software conflicts can cause this to not work and to fail in the future.
i hope this helps any questions post back and i can get more indepth.

Thanks for the info, but I'm afraid still no go. The XP does not have a floppy drive so I used a thumb drive. When I run the setup program from the thumb drive on the ME machine it tells me this version of windows does not support this. I use the thumb drive on the ME pc so its not that.

I have run the network setup on both machines and they are both setup with the same info ...workgroup name, diff net bios names ...and they both get ip addresses from a linksys wrt54g router. The internet connections are fine. All I really want to do is share a printer that is physically connected to the ME machine. The printer is shared and file and print sharing is set up on both machines.

The ME machine shows the network name in Network Places, but no PCs and the XP machine tells me there are no other computers connected to this Network. I am going nuts!!!!!!!!!