Hi folks - I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, but I am having trouble finding exactly what I need so I'm hoping someone can help me here. I have set up a new wireless router, and when I try to connect wirelessly I am told that I have connected just fine, but I cannot browse the internet with any browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). I also can't ping any valid address. IF I login to my router and change the wireless network to unsecured, I can connect and browse just fine. I know I have the password to the network correct, and as I said the wireless seems to think it's connected. I've had this problem before when I travel with this laptop - i.e. someone will have a secured network, tell me the login info, it says I'm connected, but no browsers can find the internet - so I feel like it must be some kind of configuration issue on the box itself. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Additional info - running Windows XP media edition, sp2

In internet explorer can you please go to:

Help -> About Internet Explorer

Then post what the Cipher Strength reads?

Ok, its not your encryption.

When connected, if you run an ipconfig inside cmd do you get the ip address of the router in the default gateway?

If so, can you ping the router?