I have recently been getting the Blue Screen of Death Stop Error. I believe that I have narrowed it down to SCSI/RAID driver. This error occurs at random times, but mostly while playing GTA IV. I have tried pressing spacebar during the blue sceen but nothing happened. I have also uninstalled the driver, but it keeps coming back, (as soon as I leave Device Manager). A few programs won't open (Firefox, Rockstar Social Club, Snipping Tool...) in normal mode, but DO in safe mode. If anyone know anything about it our need more info just leave me a post. Here a screen shot.


Can I please get your Full Name as well as Model # of your Laptop/Desktop? I can further help you by finding correct drivers for you to install...

Hey, Thank you very much for responding.

Here's my specs.
Model # - m8200n
HP Pavilion Media Center m8200n PC
Windows Vista Ultimate
AMD Athlon 64X2
3 gigs RAM
500 Gig hard drive
nVidia GeForce 8800 GT (512 mb Dedicated memory)
(Recently installed my tablet, not sure if this helps: Bamboo Fun)

Anything else. I tried looking for driver, i got to this site here and had thats when I got stuck.

Thanks Again Jared W (I really don't feel comfortable giving my full name out to a public community, if you really need my full name i'll PM you...)

Hey thanks (It was a bit wierd since your a NEWbie poster, though you where after me or something) Downloading driver right now, when its down i'll restart and post results! Thanks again!

*double post*


*lol, triple post*
Helps! it happening again, i redownloaded the driver and everything. I haven't got a blue screen, but the programs still won't open (after the initial restart they did, but i shut down to go to bed, and today it doesn't work) what should i do?

It's just I like helping people...
Can you please describe what is exactly happening? Which program isn't working? Or is your computer not booting at all?

never mind, i guess a had to install the drivers *AGAIN*