I am running Visual Studio 2008 with the latest service pack and updates. I opened up my window to start coding and can only see half of my code. The left half appears to be off the window on the left side, and the right half is on the left, with a lot of open space on the right and middle. I have a screen shot to help illustrate.

I have tried to re-size the window, to no avail. When I make the window more narrow, all of the code appears, but since the window is now about 10 characters wide, this is less than practical. if I try to increase the width, less of my code appears.

It seems to be stuck in come kind of focused on center mode. The larger the window, the further apart the text and vice-versa.

I am using a dual monitor set up.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!



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Oh, and I have tried closing and reopening VS several times and even restarting my computer.

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