when u turn on the computer it automatically brings up boot menu. its a compaq persario laptop. when hitting any option it loads xp boot screen the resets all over again. i tried putting in the disc and there was only a blank screen with a blinking dash at the top. thinking maybe fried out but not sure if there is an easier solution than possibly someone can help....thanks

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Hello uggahop.

When you say you put the disc in did you try setting the CD as primary Boot, or when it asks you boot from choose CD.

Another thing is your machine overheating? can you give me more details on the problem?

When you say

when hitting any option it loads xp boot screen the resets all over again.

I think you mean the windows boot screen where it asks you Safe Mode, Safe Mode With Networking, etc?

If so then yes you need to repair your windows, you may wish to Back your data up before you do that. Please goto LinuxMint.com and download, burn, and boot from there.

Once booted it will ask you try or install check the try option.

Once in you will be given a Full Operating System running on your CD, back up your stuff and then Use your Recovery CD to install windows or if you want use LinuxMint which is also a very good Operating system.

If you have any questions about using Linux please ask.

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