is there a program to set the ethernet adapter or to clean it up? My adapter sometimes hook up sometimes it does not. I have used a portable usb adapter and the same thing happens. I have remove my Norton 360 thinking that was the problem but it happens again later. Is there a way to check the programing of my network adapter?

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You have to be specific about your ethernet problem.

Please provide detailed information about the configuration of your network and system. Which OS(Operating System) and NIC Card are you using in your Computer?
Are you using a laptop or a desktop computer?

Are you using a USB LAN adaptor in your laptop or computer to plug an ethernet cable into the ethernet port of this USB LAN adaptor?

How are you accessing internet?
Are you directly connecting your laptop or computer to an ISP Modem using ethernet

Please note it is not necessarily a problem of your Norton software,so you donot have to uninstall it.

I hope my questions are clear

Please answer these questions before we move forward.

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