hello every1..
I was really sicked of trying to scan for hosts on my wireless network but the only ip that appears is the router ip address... i used ettercap on linux ubuntu and used cain on windowsXP but even this didn't work... any ideas?!!

Why are you trying to hack your own network? If you have set 128bit encryption I wish Cain lotsa luck. Simply plug in with a LAN cable, then via the router GUI either...
- un-hide the access point, let all your wireless equipment discover it, then re-hide it. And maybe check the authenticated stations list to see if your wireless was hacked while you were doing it.
- else enter somewhere the MACs you wish to have access.


I'm not [trying] to hack my 128bit key... i've already did, anyway am using Cain to sniff passwords over the network not for cracking the web key... and so far didn't work
that is because the hosts on the network are hidden (or as i think every host has its own workgroup [alone in workgroup])... same thing when using ettercap..!!

Ah, ok, you are in.... I have to ask, does your network card support promiscuous mode?

well am not sure what does promiscuous mode means but i thing its about injecting data packets and ARP poisoning...(am I right?? if yes that means my adapter supports promiscuous mode)) anyway I have Alfa 802.11 wifi adapter/interface, rtl8187 driver..