does anybody know what exactly an extended atx mother board is? I hear a lot about them, and i want to know what they are and if i can find one with a socket 775 or AM2+.

Please let me know what they are and where i can buy one.


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The real term is EATX.

Basically, its essentially the same as ATX, except that the board can be up to 12"x13" in size. These boards are uncommon, and the Extended ATX form factor is likely to receive significant competition from the new WTX form factor, which was designed especially for workstations. The larger motherboard size means that special Extended ATX cases are generally required.

There are decent boards here: http://www.pcsforeveryone.com/Hardware/Motherboards


extended atx was mainly created for users who wanted four pci-xpress slots as its very hard to fit it on an atx board. but yer they support most sockets and cpus but there arent to many around. Google will be the way forward to find ones that your looking for!!!

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thanks, but i will just go with the regular atx board and save my self some trouble!! Thanks anyway!!!
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