so i installed a SP1 pack of windows xp on my computer, it worked fine at a resolution of 1280x1024, and then i installed my drivers for my Radeon 9250 and now the biggest i can make the resolution without making the desktop area too big is 1024x768, when i set it higher it it just makes the desktop area bigger without matching the monitor resolution, so when i move the mouse around it moves the screen, it worked perfectly fine before my computer crashed and i lost everything

anyone with experiance with this, ive tried mulitple google searches with no results, thank you

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I know someone HAS to have had this problem before, i tried searching but came up with nothing, if it has been discussed before can some one lead me in the right direction, this is really annoying, thanks


it seems to be a problem with my radeon 9250 drivers, im not sure why it is acting up, i uninstalled the drivers and i could do 1280x1024 with no issue, but once my computer detected it and installed the drivers again, same problem

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