I (a next to computer-illterate Norwegian) operate MSOffice2003 on Windows XP; in Word2003 I, too, experience the obviously well known problem: in trying to save a document to any other file than the one proposed by the system, the system hangs and suddenly shows 100% system resources occupied. I (no longer) have any HP files on my computer, or at least they don't show up in "Add/delete files", nor can I find the KB908531 security update that I saw someone refer to elsewhere. I have run ccleaner, RegistryBooster and what not, but the problem persists. Should I throw out and re-install the entire Office package, or does anyone have a aolution to come up with?

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Hey SMbjarne ,

I'll be happy if my info helps you , i already faced this problem before was trying to save my official document but failed.Jason One of my friend suggested me advanced system optimizer.Its a windows optimization tool.I used its utilities it really worked amazing for my windows.Use its PC-Fixer.It will fixes almost all the problems come frequently on PC's.
I have attached a screenshot for your help.
You can download ASO from http://www.tucows.com/preview/284138/Advanced-System-

Use it , it really works well for sure.

Lemme know how it goes!!

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Hi: If you are using Microsoft Word as the default editor in Microsoft Outlook, turn it off. To do this, select menu Tools > Options > Mail Format tab, and uncheck the two boxes that refer to Microsoft word at the top of the window. Reboot, and see if this helps.

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