pretty common topic, me thinks, but i do need help.

my laptop gets the dreaded message after i try and access wireless connection, it's not up long enough for me to read exactly, but it certainly carries the irql_not_less_or_equal message and stops me from loading up my laptop. I read through lots of things on google about bad ram and unistalling drives, i roughly understand them, but i am complety unsure what to do with my laptop, I had to go through a safe boot to load it up and then reboot in normal to get my laptop up an running.
i want to be able to use wireless internet on my laptop, but obviously cant, can anyone help me


Okay we want to stop the error message from disappearing too quickly

do as i say

control panel (classic view) -> system -> advanced tab -> startup and recovery

UNcheck the box for "automatically restart" and post the exact error and the code number here


Yeah as Bennet said, we need to see the code that comes after the "irql_not_less_or_equal". Am i right in thinking that the screen goes Blue and the coding and text is in white? If so you have had a BSOD, Blue Screen Of Death. Please post the code that starts like: "0x000...." We need to know that entire code to diagnose your issue.

I have the similar problem. We have 3 computers at home and recently we intalled a wireless router to the server. The other 2 are fine only my dell laptop with xp SP2 has this problem. I can connect to the internet and can view webpages,download software etc. But after about 20min it gives you the BSOD, saying "irql_not_less_or_eual" "if you installed new software or hardware, please uninstall it" "Physical memory dumping" "error code 0*0000000A". The computer can't be restarted and I can only turned it off by pressing and holding the power button.

I turned off the wireless adapter (Intel pro wireless 2100 3A mini adapter), or in the safemode without internet connection, it works fine. I went to safemode with internet connection same blue screen appeared. So I guess it's the wireless connection problem. The router is not installed on my computer. I did reinstall the driver of my wireless adapter but it didn't work.

I don't know what I can do further with my laptop. It's a dell inspiron 500m, xp home edition sp2(the server is xp pro with sp2). Please help me, Please!!

"irql_not_less_or_eual" this mean there is some hardware installed on the system that need driver loaded when windows start, However, windows cannot initialized these driver..reason can rage from the hard ware wants to use resources already being used by CRITICAL system in windows. if you installed any hardware or software that require you restarting windows remove it, (prefferable in safe mode IF possible) then restart the pc. We would till appreciate you posting the error code, we can tell you more definitively whats causing the error.

The error code is:
"Stop: 0*0000000A (0*F968A980, 0*00000002, 0*00000001, 0*804DAB68)"

There's general agreement here as to the cause.
Until the hardware issue is resolved the OS will make no attempt to load the drivers, etc. Usually the OS will make no attempt to install the drivers nor append the registry either as in OS parlance, "There's nothing to do".

Well the 0x0000000A error code relates to the following:
"Typically due to a bad driver, or faulty or incompatible hardware or software"
This would mean that you have an incorrect driver for some hardware that you have installed. Refer back to the version on the CD's given with the hardware product, in your case the wireless router.

commented: "in your case the wireless router. " - routers dont have drivers - you probably mean his wireless card -5

I mean your wireless Adapter/wireless card, which ever you use. not the router itself.

I have to agree, it's most likely a hardware issue...did you run the CD that came with the wireless device before you installed it, after, or just let Windows try and use generic drivers? Is it USB, PCMCIA? If it were a desktop, I'd say just start pulling out cards and find the culprit through a process of elimination. With a laptop, however, you might not want to try much more than changing out the RAM or the heatsink- those will be the easy to get at on most models... it could also be a bad fan causing've probably noticed how hot those things get if you actually use them in your lap.