The fan is making bad noise on my Dell Dimension 8300 (7 years old) and it takes about 11 minutes before my monitor is on. What would be the best....I don't really want to change my computer...but if need be!!! Thanks for your kind answers. Also how to check whether some files are corrupted.

The shortcut to local area doesn't activate, so in order to go online, I have to go thru the device manager to enable the network card. If someone can help on this, would be greatly appreciated remembering that I'm not computer geek.

Thanks again for you have solved my problems in the past.

Awaiting your ideas. :)

7 years old machine?

Would you be open to using Linux distro that is lighter in load and will probably give your old machine a new Life. I suggest Xubuntu or Puupy Linux

Your hard drive may be failing due to normal wear and tear, it may be a good investment to replace your drive, if you plan to keep your machine.

Thanks for your kind suggestions....I know nothing about Linux....will investigate ☺ Thanks again.

You can go to and check it out. Bunch of guys there will be glad to help. I too a newbie to Linux. Since I got an old computer I just install it and test it out. No regrets so far and my computer just got back into its own speed but of course with a different interface.

contacted Dell and they told me it could be the if the processor is almo0st kaput, the fan is definitely kaput and my hard drive on the way to salvage this computer??? I was told I can have 200Gb of extra hard drive space and increase the ram to 2Gb....but is it worth it? and to install Linux on to connect my 5 years old HP printer/scanner/copier/fax to a really not that goodat all...If someone from Malaysia reads this and is willing to help...that would be great...I really don't want to buy a new one...:(

Linux will easily detect the drivers.

To show you what I mean, goto and Download and Burn it to CD.

Now do a live Boot, It will load the OS on to the RAM, nothing will be installed unless you click install now.

You will have a full fledged OS running on Your Ram from your CD, so it will be a little slow compared to if it is on your drive.

Dell says it's your processor? Ok TBH I don't know if that is even possible.
I have never heard of a processor failing from wear and tear. I still have a 486 running perfectly.

Your Fan problem can easily be fixed.

Buy some Air Duster (available in any computer shop). It is just compressed Air in a can. 10$

Open your Case. and Find the FAN.

Unleash the Spray on the fan. if the fan doesn't rotate when you switch the PC on you can buy a new heat sink for like 20 $.

You can upgrade that is always a good thing, but the parts for your PC are extinct not available anymore. If someone does happen to have the parts they can charge you whatever they want cause they know that you won't find it elsewhere.

Thanks again Finito for your kind help :) Will see what I can do.

Thanks Khakilang for your kind suggestions :) Need to get some more confidence with LInux and a new system before embarking on this new venture. Will review all your suggestions. Many thanks :)