I have a problem with my speakers as they don't work because there is "no mixer devices available" and system restore and downloading new hardware doesn't seem to make a difference because system restore hasn't saved any earlier dates apart from 2 days ago.. I have also tried going onto run in the start menu and searched services.msc and clicked on windows audio and pressed start which also did not work, please help.

1.Open the Hardware Manager to see if there are any conflicts.If so disable unwanted entry.
2.Go to Control Panel/Sound and Audio Devices/Audio.
Check that correct device is shown.

The three things that I can think of are:

1. Open Device manager and Select View from the main menu (File, Edit, View, etc.) and click the option to show hidden devices and see if there is a device creating a conflict.

2. If it is a built in device: Go into the BIOS (System setup) and make sure the Audio Device is not disabled.

3. If it is a card: shut the system down, remove the card, boot up windows and let it completely start all services and run for a few minutes. Shut the sytem back down and re-install the car. I would also suggest putting it in a different slot if one is available.

Thanks but there are no conflicts and nothing can be selected under the audio device. I'm not sure what else to do?

What is your audio driver's name?
If it is HD Definition? AC '97? Etc.
Download it at www.download.com and install it to your desktop/laptop.
And restart...You have now your Audio Mixer Device.

It's soundmaxThanks alot, do I have to download the same driver provider, driver version and digital signer as the driver I have now?

Yeah...download it and try to reinstall it to your PC.