ok i have AOL as my isp. what i want to do is use firefox as my bowser. the only problem is that i have to be signed into AOl in order for firefox to work. i want to be able to just click firefox and be ready to go. not having to deal with AOL.

Did you try to create a dial-up connection, using




i dont wnat it to be dial up

Maybe you don't know what you want?

If you just want to open the browser and start surfing, without having to click on any sort of connection, then you need a router.


i do have a router and thats what i want top do if u dont mind would u tell me hoe to do it

Did you enter your AOL- username / password in the Router? Did you configure it at all or do you use it as a modem?

The more infos you give, the better one can help you...


hanmt done ne of that not sure where to start any insight would be great

First: read the fine manual that came with the router, everything should be explained there.

Basicly, you will have to enter the router's configuration menu by entering it's IP in your Browser. Then you will have to choose something like PPPoE Access to the Internet and enter your AOL-username and password. Then you go to Start->Internet Options->Connections and advice it to not choose any connection automaticaly.

Now when you open your browser the next time, your router should connect automaticaly.