I have to learn how to use windows server 2003 so I want to install it onto my PC to a dedicated hard drive. On the other hard drive I have Win XP Pro running. Can this be done because when I install the disk and start to go through the setup, the program thinks I’m doing an upgrade? Can anyone give me some advice with this please?


Have you added a drive specifically for this? If so has it been prepared and formatted?

The install routine should allow you to choose which drive or partition you want to install to, and also create a multi boot menu for you.

Boot your PC from the CD and choose to perform a new installation. Don't run setup from within Windows. The new installation routine will present you with the appropriate options and choices


I would install Windows 2003 Server on a different computer.

In order to learn the ins and outs of the operating system, by definition, it is a server, and a server means that it "serves" things to client computers. Also, to fully appreciate the experience over time, you will need to examine log files, and deal with situations as the OS operates, and you modify the environment. If you are continually switching between XP and 2003, you are not going to achieve your goal of learning how the system plays. Things happen to the system over time. Also, you would not learn how clients adjust to things like DNS and DHCP settings.

I'd try to find another box to install Windows 2003 on. It doesn't need to be complete -- once you have the OS installed, you can take the monitor off it (make it headless) and store the keyboard and mouse somewhere else. You can then use remote desktop to manage the server, if you are so interested.


Thanks for the advice.

I think I'll look at getting another PC set up and install it onto that.

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