I have had a problem for several days and have not been able to resolve this.
I am running agigabyte 7n400 pro2 board with an xp3000, 512 memory.
I choose in the bios to load optimal defaults and the next thing I knew I could not get past the screen that asks if I want to start windows normally or load last good configurations and so on. No matter what I choose the machine reboots over and over. I finnally got an error of a missing file setupdd.sys.
I checked on the net and found causes from bad memory to try removing the pci boards. I have swapped out memory and removed pci boards to no avail.
I have gone into recovery concil and ran chkdsk and come up with missing a unrecoverable file.
I have read in some forums where the file setupdd.sys can be found in service pak 3 and 4, but that is windows nt which I am not running I have windows xp pro. So I kinda need an experts help here as my wife is really getting mad at the thought that I may have to reformatt the drive and loose her data.
I find it strange that upon loading optimal defaults the machine went down.
I also noticed in one website that someone felt it was a virus, however I run virus software, and yes while I know it doesnt stop everything the machine was working fine till I loaded optimal defaults.
Im hoping theres a way to find this file and put it back.
thanks again

go back to the bios and load default setting instead of optimal

go back to the bios and load default setting instead of optimal

do what he said. im guessing in loading the optimal settings it probably set somthing in the bios that is not compatible with your current OS.

I'm not sure, but i am going to take a guess that by loading the optimal settings it detects all hardware and sets the bios to what it thinks would be good settings for them without regard to conflicts it could create........but since i never touch settings like that in bios without completley reading the mobo manual i dont know.

i have tryed that as it was reccomended by gigabyte with no results.
As I stated I also swaped memory. I need to know what to do to fix this other than reformat and load windows . I should have included this in my original post.If any ideas please let me know

setupdd.sys to my knowledge is used to initiate the emergency repair process and its a windows related file .. it has nothing to do with the bios setup ... You could just boot from your windows xp cd and repair your windows from there .. I think the problem should be solved by this. See if it works.

HI! Im new to this forum. I was searching for setupdd.sys problems on google. I found this page, and that user, xrepo, had a same problem like i do now. 2 days ago i bought a new disk, Hitachi 160Gb and i installed it in my computer as a slave drive. I puted my old HD (maxtor 80Gb) for Master - bootable disk with Xp Pro on it. But the problem is that i couldnt run windows. System restarted after the Windows XP screen, right before selecting accounts. So i puted my old HD out and made my new HD as a master. I installed XP on it with no problem. Then i decide to put my old HD as a slave, but in windows i cant see the old disk. It says its not readable!! But why?
I also have gigabyte 7n400e-l with nforce2, and athlon 3000+ with 1024Mb Ram.

Please help me here ASAP!


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