When I start my pc it makes loud ticking noises that comes from the internal speaker. It then goes to a Boot Menu that shows Hard Drive, CDROM and LAN. When I choose Hard drive it shows the two hard drives to select. I select the SATA drive where Windows is installed. It then gives me the option of Safe Mode ect. If I choose Normal, the Windows Startup screen starts, but after a while a blue screen flashes. (like the one that comes up with critical error) and then reboots and starts the whole process over again.
Can anyone please help? This is a new SATA drive about 4 months old.


The loud clicking noise are you sure it is coming from the speaker and not from inside the system? My first guess would be a wire that is interfering with the CPU fan.
If it is coming from the speaker then I would double check the BIOS settings on everything.
What is the boot order?
Is there anything in the floppy or CD ROM?

You really need to open it up and determine exactly where the sound is coming from.

Hard drives can also get develop a CLICK noise, a very fast 'click click click click'. It's indicative of pending drive failure.

I agree that you should open the machine. Power it on (careful not to touch anything) and try to isolate what device is making the click sound.

If it's the drive, and its under 1 year, you can most likely contact the vendor and get it replaced RMA. I do this all the time.

Thanks everyone. I got this sorted out.

The ticking sound was from a faulty keybord. F12 key got stuck. Thats why it loaded the Boot menu.

The other problem was an Unmountable Boot Volume. Attempted to recover with chkdsk / r/p from recovery console but no luck so I reinstalled Windows. Everything working fine now.

Thank you very much for the help.


You forgot to mark your thread "solved". Good to hear that you overcame the problem so quickly and so easily. Sometimes, searching for a simple cure leads one to really mess up the system.
Feel proud of yourself!