So after re-installing Windows XP every month for four months due to being contaminated with Viruses & Trojans, I decided to turn off my Pentium 4 and use my Celeron with Windows 2000 as my main Internet PC with the Pentium 4 using Windows XP as the back up.

One thing I remember about Windows 2000 and, 98 is using them for nearly a year without being contaminated with viruses. I actually re-installed because I used to destroy the registries accidentally. I do not use the Internet for Pornography, Peer To Peer or, Bit Torrent so, I didn’t see why I was getting so much viruses.

Upon researching the average Windows 2000 user brought forth this chart then, it made sense.


Looks like I will remain on Windows 2000 and, I’m sure 98, & 95 users can relate why.

With Linux being more in demand on the Internet than 2000, 98, & 95 the chances of being infected is minimum to none. We are officially out of the limelight and, Virus/Trojan developers will not waste their time attacking those operating systems anymore.

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to me those numbers mean nothing ,as winxp is being used by more people ,its only % numbers .
last trojan in this house was when my wife was reading recipes on a flower makers website ,using xp, had she been using win98 or 2000 it still would have happened in my opinion

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