Launched Sysprep to experience the creation of an image. I now find upon reboot that the machine opens to a black screen with the text " setting up computer". I did not think that creating an image would interfere with its normal functions. I would ask how I can get it to boot up to the machine before the sysprep image creation. This machine is a 2.66Ghz laptop with Vista Ultimat sp2 and 2GB memory. Guidance sought

Sysprep is for preparing a sample computer (also know as a reference computer) for imaging (cloning). By running sysprep commands, you prepared your computer to behave as one would expect a new computer to behave. What you did to it depends on what switches you used with sysprep.

The only options I saw were shut down, restart, and another choice. I selected restart and now I can't repair it or get back to the OS with the install disk. I would at least like to learn from what happened if nothing can be recovered. Is there any tool to recover the application files and perhaps log files to help with the diagnosis? What can I do from the command line?