I am running W7 Ultimate 32 bit. I have been using Chrome as my browser of choice until an update resulted in it coming up with the message 'Google Chrome has stopped working'. According to Google they are working on a solution to this, as the error message alone isn't enough to determine the problem. I created some logs following their instructions but the site to upload them to doesn't seem to exist anymore.
However, I have now started getting the '<> has stopped working' message from some other applications as well. Examples are Nero and IE8.
Could this be a message that M$ have introduced in one of their updates as a generic error message or is something else at work?
I briefly had Ultimate 64 bit running, but found that XP Mode wouldn't work correctly with a 16 bit application. 64 bit never gave any of of the error messages.
Has anyone encountered anything similar?

until an update resulted in it coming up with the message 'Google Chrome has stopped working'

hi do you mean after a google chrome update !1 is so uninstall ad install a older version

I had the same problem, Google Chrome just stopped working as described here. I tried several things, including re-installation, and removing Malware with Malwarebytes. (Malware bytes did remove a pile of Malware, so was worth it) None of these were successful in fixing Chrome for me. However, the suggestion above, did work work Running COMBOFIX, did just what it says above, and now Chrome works.

I have been looking for earlier versions, but still haven't found the site to download one from. Can you give a URL?

Tiny problem. How do I stop it from updating itself to the latest version? I wondered why it suddenly gave the message and found it was 'up to date'!

Hi normallen

Try restoring from previous state using windows restore. That should help if it was caused by an update.


That really doesn't help much - sledge hammer and nut springs to mind. Is Chrome the only application that updates itself without user intervention?

I have found there are four google updater processes in Task Scheduler. If I remove these what side effects could this cause? Two seem to run daily and two every hour.

I would recommend uninstalling Chrome, and installing the *latest* version.

that a really good suggestion ,but if your read the post you would have seen that it was the latest version that was causing the problems ,good day

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