Hello everyone this is a gateway desktop running XP pac 3. When I press the power button to turn on the computer it doen't boot the fan just starts running as soon as I press the power button. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Please Strip your computer down to only the Motherboard, CPU, Heatsink, and PSU.

Remove the RAM, Hard drive(s), USB Pherperals, Mouse, Keyboard, CD Drives, VGA, etc..

Once you have the system bare, start it again, you want to hear 3 or 4 consecutive evenly timed beeps.

If you do then try adding the Ram back in.

Now you want to hear one single beep.

Report your results.


Thanks Finito and if this beebs like you said in the end what is the problem?

if you get a single beep that is good now add you VGA and boot, then your hard drive then boot.

Keep adding a single peripheral until you don't hear the beep.

That is your culprit.

Thank you very much

what was the problem?

don't leave the suspense like that.

and Please mark as solved if solved.