If you get the answer to your problem how about letting us know!!!

It only takes a moment to update the posting you started and give credit (when deserved) to the person that helped you. It lets everyone know that they you have been helped and they don't need to check to see if you need more help and they can go on and help others.

For me it is nice to know I have been able to help someone. For people looking for solutions it is important to know that the answer you got worked so they know it might work for them too.

Thanks for listening...

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It's no use saying it like this IMO, I mean you would think people would understand the concept but most either don't care and the rest don't know.


Its true sometime I am too engross in solving a problem I may totally forget to mark as solve. But its good to be reminded from time to time. Thanks for trying. And to all the users out there. Please mark the problem as solve and also post the solution you have found and share with all of us. So that we all learn from each other.

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