hey guys :)

I am trying to find out if and HOW to make this work!

what is going on is there are 2 computers/Monitors in this workplace..both identical in makes/hardware..yadda yadda yadda..

what needs to happen here is this:
we need both computers to hook up together, not just for file sharing and such..but for actual useage.

For example:
if I was in excel and typing and stuff..I need the changes in excel to show up on the other computer in real time and for the other computer to have control as well. and if the other computer is on the net..I need to be able to see and have control from my computer as well..

dont really know how to explain it, hopefully someone can understand what I am trying to get at here and help me out a bit?

Some of what you want could be done with shared files with the only copy of such files residing on just one of the machines. You won't be able to see the changes made on the other machine until they are saved so you won't be able to do real-time collaboration using a standard desktop utility like Excel.

If you want to work collaboratively sharing files and info as you go, then you need to look at Zoho or some of the Google facilities. In those cases, you will be using their online utilities and data, not the desktop utilities and data. At the end of the processing or every day, you could download the data to your local machines if you have the need.

Another version that wouldn't normally be used for machines that are side-by-side (but could be) is a remote control program where one machine can take over control of the other. I have used Team Viewer for this sort of thing and it is free. If you want the capability for either machine to take over or update files in real time on the other machine, I don't know if such a thing exists or if it is really necessary or desirable. That would probably lead to data control and conflict issues that are dealt with already by the online collaboration approach.

okay..hmm, let me give more helpful detail bout this maybe..

in a shop, there are 2 computers and these computers are networked together
now what they want to do is not just "share screens" each computer wants to be able to work independent, yet, reflect the updated screen. Each computer wants to "keep control" so that lets say, on one computer, they are updating a display grid, for like the tire department. The other computer at the same time is being used to update lets say..the mechanic department grid.

so, I guess what I am asking is this:
is there a way to get these 2 computers to work on their independent displays and then show the updated grids on each one? without having to wait until the one computer is done with its work before the other computer can start their work..

I have looked at Teamview, just now and it seems close to what is needed..cept I am not sure if this is close to "GoToMeeting" or not.

the thing that keeps "GoToMeeting" out of the equation here is that if you are in a sharing mode..as soon as the other user so much as touches the mouse..the control is taken from the other machine and given to the one who touched the mouse. while that may work in a lot of instances, in this case it will not do.

I have looked and looked into this to try to find the answer in the teamview user manual but it does not address this issue.
Can you tell me how this works? can One user move her mouse around without taking control away from the other machine? are you able to switch from one screen to another on your own computer without switching the screens on the other computer??

Teamview mentions the ability to "blacken" the other machine when you are doing something that doesnt need to be seen by the other user...or is there an option that will allow the users to work on different screens at the same time?

LOL..maybe someone might want to think about making such a program if it doesnt exist yet!! (ooO I see money in SOMEONES future!!) ;)

i never heard that., thanks for sharing...

lol your welcome!
just remember me in the will k :)

Thank you Chris, took a chance on the Teamviewer you mentioned, and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for :)

we like that it is light and it is fast! :)

I'm pretty sure that the person on the target machine can still do stuff while the person on the other machine observes. The observer can then jump in and take on control. If they both try to do it at once, I'm not sure if one gets priority or if it just creates a bit of chaos. In any case, as you try it out you'll find out what's possible and what isn't.

well, so far they seem quite impressed with it :)

so as the saying goes..if it aint broke, dont fix it!

some of the others that seen it in action are also quite impressed with it and are talking of using it instead of this "GoToMeeting" program, so again thank you for your steering ability..:), it has so far put a few feathers in my hat! :)