I get an"Invalid Boot.ini file booting from C:\windows" message when starting up . I use WIN XP. I searched this site for suggestions and followed this one that worked for others....However not for me.

"Below is how to edit your BOOT.ini:

Most people cannot find BOOT.INI on their hard drive. This is because they have hidden files and have not elected to see them. Open up my computer, choose tools, folder options.
Go to View, choose the option to display system files, and also the option to display hidden files.

Now do a search for BOOT.INI (it should be on C:\ and not in any folders). You can right click on it and choose 'open.' Now you can edit it how you would like to. I've included the default examples for boot.ini for XP and 2000 below.

Here is an example of a boot.ini in XP:
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect "

I followed everything but it will go to the screen where I would select the operating system to start, and I can select one, but it continues to go back to that screen instead of booting windows...I can not start in safe mode either when I press F8. Any suggestions? Thanks!

magma001 commented: I have the same problem but is not either switching on just is restartin (rebooting). Also I want it to boot from usb but it is not starting to run but it shows the message: invalid boot.ini file booting from c windows. I don't know what I should do in th +0

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If you have the XP installation CD you should be able to repair it by booting off the CD and select repair. That should solve your boot problem

- let us know how it goes

Well it took a while to get the disk, as it was a computer for work, but I got it, and it worked! Thanks so much! Just had to reinstall winxp..Good thing I didnt need anything on that computer! :)

Now that you have it working, please mark this thread as solved and add to xlphos's rep.

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