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hi guys, how to create a gpo for specific accounts on a domain environment? Thanks in advance. OS: Win2k8

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You could put the specific accounts into a specific Organisational Unit (OU) and link/apply the GPO there. The GPO will affect everyone within those OUs, so you will have to ensure that anyone you do not wish to be affected by the GPO is excluded from this OU, or is filtered out on the GPO linked to the OU. Also, you will have to take into account things like Group Policy precedence, etc.

Or, if for some reason you cannot do that, put the specific accounts into a global security group, apply the GPO at domain level and then filter it so it will only apply to the security group you have defined.

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hi pjdg,i had created a global security group then apply these settings:
Do not allow Windows Messenger to be run – enabled
Do not automatically start Windows Messenger initially – enabled

but the messenger still runs on the user domain computer? any ideas or what i'm doing wrong? Thanks :)


Did you link the GPO to the domain you are putting this policy in effect for? It will not work unless the GPO is linked to the domain.

You can do this in the group policy editor in w2k8 by going to the root of your domain, and right clicking on it. it should give you an option to link the GPO. select the GPO that you created. try logging in again, the policy should be in effect

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