I have been trying to install net 3.5 framework on my system because a tax program requires it. It will not install and according to Microsoft tech engineers, I will need to get a sp2 vista home premium cd to do a repair install so I wouldn't lose my programs.

I called and worked with the tech and he had to query the next level for other steps. It was decided that I had some corrupt system files that could not be fixed with the sfc scan. They told me to contact HP(the brand of PC I have) and request a Vista Home Prem sp2 cd that we can then do a repair install. HP was no help at all. The OEM OS on my system is just a copy for system recovery and that is all they claim they can supply me. They said I would have to do the recovery and lose all my programs. There has got to be a better way to repair these corrupt files. Can anyone here offer any suggestions to me?

What is the error message that the .net 3.5 displays? Have you tried to google it? Maybe someone else ran into the same issue that you have.

can you not download from Microsoft direct the vista sp2 files (iso) or live and then cd them or use live? It may also be a questiuojn of updating (not just replacing) those corrupt files. The net 3.5 files need to use the latest routines in vista etc and this is probably why they throw the error at you.

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