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Could you please describe the sequence of what you do and when it happens?

i.e What were you trying to get IE to do.

Also your PC specification.

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Well i'm working with him right now.. i just tried that resetting the IE7 & did msconfig from safe mode.. seems like working for the time... But i doubt... it might come again since i don't know the reason for that...


If it happens with the FireFox browser as well, then it's likely to be a JavaScript error which could be the fault of the other end; you execute their Javascript.

The easiest way of not letting it bother you, is to ignore it by:

Turn off script error reporting in IE7. Tools/Internet Options/Advanced. Then check "Disable script debugging (Internet Explorer)" and "Disable script debugging (Other)," and uncheck "Display a notification about every script error.".

Let us know.

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