hi can anyone tell me what egdaccess_1056.dll pertains to? or where i can get a copy of this file? having trouble finding info on this one for some reason. thanks all>

Hey have had a look for this file and cant find it can you tell me which program the error is to do with because as far as i can see this dll file is not in windows

have just found out what it is it a spyware program from shopathomeselect.com so you could either redownload this program if you are intreseted in having it or use an anti spyware program such as ewido. If you are not interested in having the program on your computer. Do the following: There should be an entry in the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs applet for 'ShopAtHomeSelect Cash Back' or 'Select CashBack'. Use it to remove the software then restart the computer. Did this solve your problem?

sorry to keep posting but also this is a dialer so I would recomend you remove it from your comp asap!

thanks all, it must be a remnant appears at start up telling me it's missing (unable to load). have cleaned the system. must be a hidden registry entry i missed. just wanted to make sure it's nothing vital. will get more details and finish it off now i know what caused it.