I was a user of Netscape 7 for years, but now much prefer Internet Explorer. However, whenever I get in an email a link to a URL, it's opening Netscape. Can anyone well me how to simply get rid of Netscape as my default browser and have all such links take me only to IExplorer? Many thanks in advance.
Jim A.

welp, the quickest way to make IE the default browser is to open IE then click the tools menu > select internet options > click the programs tab > then check the box reads "internet explorer should check to see if its the default browser". click OK. and close IE, and then reopen it. when IE asks you to make itself the default browser click yes.

for more experienced users that want more control. open up a folder (any folder) select tools > folder options > file types > (then find the extensions you wish IE to open. IE. .HTML, and .HTM. click the change button, and select the program you wish to open these files (internet explorer). this would mean going thru all the internet file extensions and making them all point to IE. if this is what you are looking to do, having IE preform the check is much more efficient. if you want .HTM files to open in firefox and .HTML files to open in IE... then this would be suited to you. (I dunno any one that would do it like this... but you can) :-p