I got a weird problem. I have a system that hangs for about 20 seconds between POST and the WinXP boot screen. After that, the system boots up in about 15 seconds. However, the Connect To menu in the Start Menu doesn't load up for about 5 minutes after everything is loaded. Everything else is usable, and it runs fast, despite that single hang-up. This is a system that was just freshly installed. I haven't installed any programs, but I configured a PPPoE connection for DSL, no firewall.

Brief System Specs:
- Athlon XP 1700+
- can't recall the mobo, but has onboard sound, NIC, USB, AGP 4X, VIA chipset, AMI BIOS based
- 512 MB PC2100 - one generic 256 MB stick, one Kingston 256 MB stick (both have been tested in every single slot configuration possible, and each configuration seems to work fine)
- nVidia TNT2 32 MB AGP
- Windows XP Home, pre-SP1

Another small problem - when the internet is running, everything is fine, Internet Explorer goes off without a hitch. However, when running something like Activate Windows or Windows Update, they can't seem to detect the PPPoE connection. Do these programs use UDP packets?

The problem may be partly due to the network configuration, and I even disabled File and Printer Sharing, but to no avail. I have no idea what might cause the boot screen delay either. I'm really stuck on this. Any ideas? Anybody?

have you tried to reinstall windows and or repair it with the boot up disk....??

Actually, that was my next plan. Thanks for suggesting it, though. ^^

I just hope it's not a hardware problem...

it might be but you should try to repair it first... then if that dont help make sure all your hardware drivers are upto date... if that dont work you should get linux or unix .. no no just backup any info you need and reinstall i had to do this with my brotherinlaws.comp...

Hahahaha, UNIX/Linux rocks. However, I'm fixing this computer for somebody else, so I think they'd be more suited to MacOS. Hehehe. XD

Thanks for all your suggestions. Hopefully, I'll fix it by tonight.

kewl glad to help

Yep, a reinstall did the trick... no more delay for the boot screen. However, the delay for the networking to load is still present... ;_;

kewl glad to hear it....

Thanks the author, very useful advice. my pc starts up very slow too, which always drive me crazy, I want a program to solve my slow computer, several days ago my friend recommend me a software xxxx, now I'm waiting for the result.

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