First lmust explain I am very ignorant on computers/software. Having trouble with Windows Explorer 6 and Outlook - many links will not work, making many websites, eg. Microsoft Support unusable. Eg. if click on web addresses in e-mails don't work- have to cut and paste. Worse is buttons don't work - get a blank dialogue box. I've gone through Internet Options with ISP adviser , no difference - they're stumped. I am on Windows XP upgrade of Windows 98 (1st edition). Can anyone say what to do?

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Was it always like this or did it just start? To be perfectly honest, I would never have upgraded Windows XP from Windows 98 - the upgrade could cause many conflicts down the road. What should have been done was to back-up your important files, and then to use the WinXP ugprade CD to do a clean install. You'll be much happier with a cleaner, faster, bugfree machine in the long run.

As to fixing the problem you're having right now: As I said, did this always happen since your WinXP upgrade? Did you recently install a program, etc. right before the problem started, etc??

I had the same problem with mine and repaired successfully by running the program mcrepair.exe. You can get it at this address:

If it doesn't help, you can get more detail at

You probably won't be able to open the links by clicking on them due to your problem. You have to right click on it and click on "copy short cut" and paste it on your desktop and then clik on it, you'll get to it.

Let me know if it worked.

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