I am trying to get my microphone to work with skype but without any luck.
Everytime i plug in the headset it comes up line in but not mic? I can hear okay but the mic does not work and was wondering if its because the system does not recognize the mic connection?
I have checked every control box I can find,nothing muted everything checked but the recording panel has volume conrol active but separate mic volume control inactive along with cd,line volume + stero mix, Is this how it should be?
I have used test hardware and no mic volume is displayed when testing mic so I have run out of ideas and would appreciate some guidance in this matter.

thank you

Go to Start, Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, Audio and Voice tabs and see what is selected for you microphone (Voice Recording) and use the test option for check the MIC.

I performed test,no sound indicated from mic and jacks are in correct sockets. One point I think worth noting is that on when I connect mic jack it is indicated as line in connection yet there is a mic connection indicator on the panel which displays connection and disconnection of jacks. whats the differnce between a line in connection and mic connection? Is the system not recgnizing a mic connection?