Hello all. My title bar on Firefox is showing weird symbols and rectangles. How do I correct this? Thank you. :)

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It's the language of the website itself! or the language pack on your PC not installed correctly.

If you don't have any joys with that. reinstall firefox, it may help clear things up.

I can think of some simpler possibilities:

- There are no title tags in the web page, or there is garbage between the tags.

- You accidentally selected Wingdings or some other graphics font as your base font.

- The web page is corrupted.

- The web page selected is in a language your charset or base font doesn't support. (I see this if a Chinese or Japanese page is loaded.)

- The file extension of the file is wrong, and it is not a web page.

- The web page was accidentally saved as a .doc or .rtf format, but with an .htm extension.

- The ISP zxnrbled the file.

- You have a communications problem which is garbaging the transmission.

- If you are on a modem, someone picked up an extension phone.

- If you are on DSL, the filters are installed incorrectly.

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