We have now aquired new PC's that have Windows Vista 64 bit version. However when we try to print it says that it needs the 64 bit drivers. I have found them and tried installing however it doesnt work. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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can you please post that error?
if you can't see this, check also the eventviewer...

do you have Windows Server 2003 SP1 installed ? you will need it.
1. on the x64 machine, go to START > RUN , enter \\servername
(the name of the print server)
2. now look for the map the "PRINTERS" folder, open it
3. right-click on the printer to be installed and select "SERVER PROPERTIES"
4. go to the "DRIVERS" tab and add a new x64 driver.(CPU/OS selection)
the x64 option should be there since you are viewing the printers
folder on the x86 machine from the x64 machine.
5. browse for the printer driver and install it.

in this way we installed the x64 drivers on a x86 Windows Server 2003.
but it's a good idea to upgrade the server too to the x64 platform :
check also http://support.microsoft.com/kb/902066

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